Six Years of Wedded Bliss.

So, in just a couple of days Lucie and I will have been married six years.

There have been quite a few ups, quite a few downs, and a couple of massive plummets, but I wouldn't have traded this particular roller coaster ride for anything else out there.

My wonderful wife kept us afloat financially while I was unemployed for over two years straight. She also kept me going emotionally during that time -- and let me tell you, that was rough. I did what I could to help keep her going during some family tragedies that shouldn't happen to anybody, much less in such rapid succession.

And yet...

We managed to pay off Leasa, back when I was still unemployed, no less. Last year we went to Vegas, and this year we went to Hawaii for the first (but certainly not the last) time. And we just bought a car less than two months ago.

And don't get me started on the dinner at Alexander's.

With all of the ups and all of the downs, she's with me and I'm with her, as we were meant to be. We share in the joys and pain of life, and support each other though thick and thin. Somehow, "codependent" doesn't seem like a strong enough word.

She's the person in whom I can confide, in whose arms I feel secure, and without whom I cannot ever imagine living.

And I count myself lucky each and every day to have her as my wife.

I love you, Lucie.

Happy anniversary.