46 Inches of HD, 56 Inches in Front of the Sofa

So our new tv arrived on Saturday. It's nice and shiny and expensive and thinner than expected, and HUGE. Just like my head, except THIS is in HD.

It's also quite high tech in that it has just one coaxial connection, just one component connection, and about a dozen HDMI connection ports, which also means that I no longer have the capability to plug in anything other than my cable box and our Blu-Ray Disc player. Hmm. So now I need to spring for a cable box with an HDMI connection so I can free up my single component port for my Wii... or maybe for the iPod connection player... or for the Sega Dreamcast that we uncovered when cleaning up the living room... or for the receiver that we're now going to have to buy so we can actually use all of our older technology (though I find it rather difficult to consider an iPod or any gaming console newer than a Sega Genesis "older tech." I do have a Sega Genesis somewhere in the bedroom, but we haven't expanded our cleaning frenzy upstairs yet so it's still buried and waiting for me to uncover it like I were Indiana Jones itching to play Star Control.)

So, as so often happens with this sort of thing, new tech purchases beget still more purchases. Good thing we'd already planned to forego our Hawaii vacation this year.

But, the TV.

If you've never watched high definition TV, people say, you've never really watched TV. I say this is untrue -- if you've never watched high def TV, you've still watched TV... but it sucked.

46 inches of HDTV, with a flat panel LED LCD screen, 1080p scan mode, 240Hz frame rate, 16:9 aspect ratio, OMG:IC vision reaction, DIY support tabling, and several other spiffy-sounding groups of letter and numbers I either don't remember or am too lazy to make up. I've never seen anything this realistic (unless, of course, you count reality, in which case my statement still stands, but reality's a very close second.)

Combine that with the Blu-Ray player and even our old DVDs look entirely different. For example, I now know that Nathan Fillion's nose has 1,873 pores. First seen on our new Blu-Ray copy of Serenity, verified on the DVD version of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog as well as a couple episodes of Firefly. For some reason, it turned out to be a very Whedony breaking in of the new hardware.

Man, I am SO gonna kick but if the subject of nasal pore quantities comes up the next time I play Trivial Pursuit.



padraig said...

I need a Dreamcast for my collection!

Atari 400. Sega Genesis. Sega Saturn. Nintendo GameCube. Sony Playstation. Sony Playstation II.

Note: all that old PAL stuff is going to look like crap on an HD TV anyway, the aspect ratio and native resolution bleagh.

You can get one of these:


padraig said...

Oh, the pictures are on Facebook, if you're in there lemme know or I'll get 'em to ya.

--RnL said...

Hmm... $158 aint half bad, actually. Not sure I need the cable convertor part of it, but that's definitely something to consider. I wouldn't bother hooking up the Genesis to the TV, but I figure Soul Calibur would still looks pretty damn good even with component hookup; running it through HDMI with a video processor might just be awesome.

Thanks for the tip.

(Oh, and I don't Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or anything like that -- that's more social interaction than this introvert really desires. If it's in a public area send me the link; if it's a friends-only section I might have to break down...)