1 Customer for Life, in San Jose

So we're feeling particularly lazy and grumpy after a long and irritating day at work, so we decide to stop by Tandoori Cafe, corner of Stevens Creek and Lawrence Expressway. This isn't the most authentic Indian food joint we've been to, but it is very convenient, and tasty, and their chapli kebabs are nicely spicy; we come here every couple of months or so. Not every week by any means, but often enough to where Yelp calls me a regular, and to where we recognize the guys working the register.

And the guy behind the register recognizes us as well.

After we place our order (a lamb boti wrap for my wife, lamb saag for me, and chapli kebabs, naan, and dal for us to share), he says, "and this is for... Lucie, right?" Lucie and I glance at each other briefly. He remembers her name, without any prompts.

Maybe we come here a little too often.

And then the guys looks at me and says, "Hey, you've been working out or something, haven't you; because you've lost a bunch of weight. You look good."

Maybe we don't come here enough. Buddy, you've made a loyal customer for life.


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